Gerosion provides various kind of material science testing and consultation for metals, steel, and ceramics. Moreover the Gerosion team has a lot of experience of testing of cementitious materials such as cement paste, mortar and concrete, and has a wealth of experience of geopolymer technology.

EQuipment and Tests

Gerosion offers testing services, specifically for cementitous materials and steel. Examples of equipment and tests that are available are e.g. tensile testing machine, in-situ geothermal environment testing, Secondary Electron Microscope and X-ray Energy Spectroscopy Equipment for microstructural and chemical composition analysis. Other equipment are e.g. mechanical testing machine for tensile, compressive and flexural testing, grinding equipment and particle distribution analyser.

Gerosion also offers testing using HAAKE MARS equipment (Modular Advanced Rheometer System) which is a highly specialized rheometer which is fitted with a pressure cell and temperature controller which enables rheological measurements that simulate extreme environmental conditions. The temperature in the measurement cell can be set to <180°C while the pressure can be increased to 400 bar, which is the equivalent to the hydrostatic pressure at 4 km depth. For this reason, this instrument is especially useful when investigating borehole grouts as they experience very high pressure and temperature

AutoClave pressure vessel

Gerosion is also in the process of buying and putting together advanced AutoClave equipment with a specialized pressure vessel for simulated testing of materials in supercritical conditions. The equipment will enable us to simulate the condition of supercritical wells and pre-test all materials. The customised AutoClave device will be one of a kind in the world; as additionally to being able to generate very high temperature and pressure, it will have a specific gas injection system, where the chemical composition of the steam can be varied.