Gerosion wishes everybody happy and innovative new year!

The Year 2016 was an eventful and exciting Year for Gerosion. Great work was done in our main R&D projects, the Sacrificial Casing project and The Waste to Value (W2V) project. Work has also begun on a new project, The Development of Environmentally Friendly Binder Solutions for Energy Intensive Industries. Results from the Waste to Value (W2V) project conducted in cooperation with the energy companies in Iceland were presented at the Geothermal Workshop GGW2016 at Grand Hotel in November. Arna Pálsdóttir Ph.D student of Cornell University gave a presentation on behalf of Gerosion regarding Extraction of Minerals and Metals and a poster was presented on work regarding utilization of geothermal and waste silica (conducted in cooperation with CalTech, Innovation Center Iceland and University of Iceland). In April 2016 Gerosion also presented its work at the international geothermal conference IGC2016. Various grants were received in 2016 which include both Entrepreneurial and Project grants from the Technology Developing Fund of Rannis for two different projects and grants from the Energy Research Fund of Landsvirkjun, GEORG and Atvinnumál Kvenna. Additionally several consulting and research projects were completed during the year for various energy companies and companies in the energy intensive sector.