New employee and Gerosion’s autumn harvest gathering

Gerosion has worked with a number of promising young scientists and engineers during the year of 2017. Here to the side are pictures from both the summer and autumn of 2017 when a number of Gerosion employees, summer employees and interns came together to share the results of their work during the summer and bid farewell to the summer work force. During those gatherings we also welcomed Jan Přikryl, a new full-time employee of Gerosion. Jan has B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Geology from the Masaryk University, Czech Republic and will soon defend his Ph.D. thesis in Geochemistry from the University of Iceland. Jan is working on the AlSiment, the Ferrosilicon Agglomeration and the well cement projects that are ongoing at Gerosion.

File 06-11-2017, 01 15 11_breytt.jpeg