New work force

Aníta Hauksdóttir and James Maddison recently joined the work force of Gerosion. Aníta just finished her M.Sc. in in Sustainable Energy Engineering from Reykjavik University. Her M.Sc. thesis was titled Geothermal Energy: Silica Precipitation and Utilization. Aníta will be working on the W2V project: Value Creation in Icelandic Geothermal Processes: Extraction of Minerals and Metals, which Gerosion leads in cooperation with the Icelandic energy companies and University of Iceland. James Maddison has a M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Iceland (UI) where his M.Sc. thesis covered Pelleting of Carbon Rich Raw Materials for the Production of Ferrosilicon. James will be working on the project: Binding of Waste Materials with Eco-friendly Cement Free Binder, which Gerosion received a project grant for from the Technology Developing Fund of Rannis in 2016 and is a cooperation between Gerosion, the Icelandic Aluminium Smelters, Steypustöðin et al. Gerosion shares that grant with the Innovation Center Iceland where James will be employed and conduct his research work.