The future vision of Gerosion is to become a leading player in Iceland in research and innovation in the field of geothermal and material technology and become respected in this field on a global scale. This vision guides all policy formulation of the company. Gerosion emphasizes reliability, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, education, communication, networking, progressiveness, leadership and results.

There are three main values of Gerosion: Knowledge, Integrity and Innovation. It is important to Gerosion that these values shape everything that the company does and because of this, the strategic focus of the company and the human resources policies are based on these values.


With KNOWLEDGE, Gerosion intends to:

·       Always offer state of the art knowledge and consultation in its field.

·       Make use of the vast amount of specialized knowledge and education that the management and employees have within a multitude of specialized technical fields.

·       Promote interdisciplinary solutions.

·       Emphasize that all staff continuously seek new knowledge and familiarise themselves with new technology and innovation within their fields.

·       Encourage management to be always up to date with developments within their fields and disseminate this information to employees.

·       Seek to solve problems with inventiveness so that most effective and economic solutions are found.


With INTEGRITY, Gerosion intends to:

·       Ensure that employees perform their research with integrity, accuracy and diligence.

·       Ensure that care is taken when collecting data and that measurement techniques and research should be scientifically valid.

·      Keep promises and work with integrity.

·      Ensure that confidentiality is respected in all communications with customers, partners and stakeholders.

·      Ensure that care is taken when communicating with customers and partners.

·       Offer specialized solutions and services for each and every customer. 


 With INNOVATION, Gerosion intends to:

·       Seek new and better solutions to challenging problems.

·       Promote innovation in the fields that the company operates in.

·       Promote the inventions of company employees.

·       Emphasize innovation in material technology and by using material science.

·       Be creative, take initiative, search for opportunities and work continuously to develop better methods and solutions. 


Gerosion’s Strategic Focus

The strategic focus of Gerosion is twofold: Sustainability and Leadership. These focus points mould the overall strategy of Gerosion over the next three to five years and are based on the company’s core values. As a part of the adoption of Gerosion’s strategy, key projects are defined one year at a time and these projects should support the current strategic focus of the company.



→  With SUSTAINABILITY, Gerosion intends to promote both projects and methods of work that support the sustainable usage of natural resources. Projects involving sustainability shall have priority, projects such as; reuse of materials, development of environmentally friendly processes, value creation from waste materials and technology that reduces environmental impact. Additionally, Gerosion’s activities should aim to be as sustainable as possible to decrease the environmental impact to the company.


→  With LEADERSHIP, Gerosion intends to be at the forefront of its field and be a leader in service, research and invention in the Icelandic geothermal and energy sectors and be a key player in material technology development. Gerosion will work hard to become a respected player in these sectors globally. To do this, Gerosion will use the specialist knowledge, experience and expertise of the owners, employees and partners in the numerous fields that they specialize in. Gerosion aims to strengthen relationships with current customers and partners and improve connections with established target markets. Gerosion also intends to be a leader in value creation in the fields that it operates in.